CNC Tool Monitoring & Control Systems

CEI System 7 Monitor with Adaptive Control(option)


PCR-1820 Load Monitor

What is a Load Control?




TMS - Basic Features
bulletIntegrates easily to your machine
bulletExtremely easy to use and program
bulletFine resolution (.01 hp)
bulletVery fast response time (less than 10msec)
bulletUpload and download of all limits via RS232
bulletWinChart 2000™ data viewing software
bulletSaves the last 300 alarms with date and time stamp
bulletExtreme, wear and undercut limits for every tool and section
bulletUp to 500 tools and 7 sections per tool
bulletParallel or serial machine interface
bulletSimple calls added to the part program to start and stop the monitoring
bulletOn screen calibration of both zero and gain
bulletDigital volt meter displays analog motor inputs
bulletProgrammable alarm outputs offering digital alarm outputs to interface directly with your machine’s PLC (relay alarm output module is also available as an option)
bulletKey switch for program protection

TMS - Optional Features

bulletAdaptive Control
bulletSpindle Speed Monitoring
bulletCoolant Flow Monitoring
bulletAdditional transducers for smaller tools and for live tooling on lathes

Features for PC Based TMS

bulletUp to 500 operations per job, with unlimited number of jobs.
bulletSupports 4 digit tool numbers
bulletAutomatic job loading for any part program
bulletReal time graphing
bulletAuto Time Incremented Limits (ATIL)
Adaptive Control Option:
Adaptive Control

Adaptive Control allows the Tool Monitoring and Control System to regulate your machine’s feedrate override, maintaining a constant spindle motor horsepower during cutting. This feature optimizes cycle times, and includes Adaptive Extreme Limit checking.

Advantages of Adaptive Control:
Reduced Cycle Time

bulletAdaptive Control reduces cycle time by optimizing feedrates, reducing feedrates in hard spots, and increasing them in soft areas or voids.

Increased Tool Life

bulletTool life is extended when a tool continually cuts at its optimum horsepower. This ensures that your tools are never worn prematurely from excessive feedrates or unpredictable hard spots.

Part Program Optimization

bulletThe Tool Monitoring and Control System can be used to determine the best feedrates for tools that will run in a non-adaptive mode. With a target horsepower set for each tool, WinChart 2000™ can be used to view the controlled feedrates during the cut. These feedrates can then be edited in the part program.

PCR-1820 Load Monitor


Featuring Two Set Points for high or low limits, Two Relay Outputs, Startup, Timer, Two On Delay Timers and Two Set Read Switches.

 What is a Load Control?

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